- Initial Consultation – (Naturopathic Counseling only)

Health Evaluation, Halo Foot Therapy (Mineral, Potassium salts) with Nebulizer Amino (Glutathione), Mineral Applications and Reflexology Foot Therapy. Approx 45 minutes - $55

Therapies: (All Suggested Donations)

Arthritis, Muscle Injuries, Fibromyalgia, Carpel Tunnel, Bursitis,Tendinitis, Sore Joint Therapy

Transdermal Proprietary blend of Castor and Magnesium (Chloride) Oil (Infused with a mixture of White Willow Bark, Comfrey, and Goldenseal root and other special healing herbs needed) mixed with Hyaluronic Acid - $59 (includes 2 joints, such as hands-wrists etc.)

With Hydro-Thermal Therapy Treatment, only $30 additional

Additional joint therapy - $15

Additional Liver Therapy - $25

Nebulizer Therapy

Amino (Glutathione) therapy ($25) – Magnesium and Potassium mineral salt Therapy $25

Hydro-Thermal Therapy

(60 min) $65

Full Body (75 min) $75

Alternating cold with hot fomentations which can alter and increase blood circulation, enhance the immune system, doubling white blood cells, transportation of nutritional support, and improving digestion. Putting the body in a mild fevered stated, can kill bacteria, germs and viruses allowing the body to detox and recover (Effective for any ailment). Full body, is working with the foot (Magnesium/Bicarbonate). Transdermal therapy bath (water is kept at a temperature of 93-95 degrees for maximum absorption). It has been used for everything from muscular injuries to pandemics, with excellent effectiveness and execrated healing.

Transdermal Hot Foot Therapy (60 min) $65

Covering in a sheet and blanket soaking in a bath of increasing hot water to the feet area, allowing the body to heat up to a mild fevered state. It allows the body to detoxify, with the use of Magnesium Sulfate (Epson salt) and Sodium Bicarbonate, which facilitates the removal of hydrogen ions from the blood and muscle tissues to help restore a proper metabolic pH balance. Mineral foot baths are rotated as clients progress. Such as (Mineral salts, Potassium) (Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Thiosulfate)

Hydro-Throat Therapy (Throat wrap – 24 hr) $29

Throat therapy wrap allows the blood to consistently circulate in and out of the throat area for twenty four hours. One of the most effective treatments for any throat ailments or conditions, such as Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis (inflammation) of the pharynx, Laryngities, Earaches and Vertigo.

Muli-Wave Oscillatior (Cell Energy Rejuvenation) $25

An Electro-Magnetic Frequency device (an MWO) that emits a broad spectrum of high frequency energy which resonate with the body's own bio-electric field. The effects have been described as relaxing, healing, restorative, and energizing. The LFA can reduce swelling and pain and speed recovery from all sorts of injuries or illness by enhancing the body's own ability to heal.

The Parasite Zapper: (4 - 15 min sessions) $35

The Zapper is a frequency device used to aid the body's elimination of harmful parasites, bacteria, and viruses. It is particularly useful in clearing lung infections and digestive imbalances

Thyroid Recovery Therapy Protocols

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Friday, January 11, 2013


Diseased cells have little blood flow leading to a severe acidic state, due to a low oxygen content high hydrogen ion concentration. By helping the body rid itself of the excess hydrogen ions and raising body temperature, resistance is futile for the cancer and disease cells when it is constantly bombarded with thermotherapy. 

Also note by the use of the Multi-Wave Osculation which increases and supplies the body with negative ion helping the cells return to normal operation. Increasing the level of negative ions entering the body, raises the "alkali level within the blood," and also supports the "waste clearance system."

Japan has been a leader when it comes to thermotherapy. Hyperthermia [raising body temperature] treatment effects are well known because of the research done by professors at Sugawara Kyoto University. When the body is supported by a strong immune system, it naturally moves in a curative direction on its own. Dr. Yoshimizu writes that "thermotherapy is required in order to change the body into a curative state."

Thermotherapy creates "heat shock protein," which protects cells from thermal stress, when thermal stress is applied. The brain responds by creating endorphins alleviating pain, and with thermotherapy cancer patients are able to proceed without any morphine.

Professor Itoyoko Jun of Aichi Medical University, wrote the book "HSP [heat shock protein] Cures Disease." He explains it like this: when trauma, disease and stress proteins are damaged; necrosis and apoptosis are two methods of cell death. HSP is the counter-measures by fixing defective proteins, inhibits necrosis and apoptosis and strengthens the cell's life force; HSP increases with thermotherapy; cells become stronger when heated.

Low body temperature or "hypothermia" is a symptom of a compromised immune system. Hypothermia is due to poor blood circulation and blood vessel constriction and is many times the result of stress, diet and other environmental factors. Hypothermia reduces enzymatic activity, allowing cancer and disease proliferation.

An enhanced thermotherapy effect occurs through the increase of serotonin and heat shock protein when thermotherapy is applied directly to the abdominal area. Research shows that serotonin, a neurotransmitter that exists in the brain also exists in the intestines. It is also well known that 90% of the serotonin exists in the small intestine. Our intestine uses the neurotransmitter, serotonin, to balance the active immune functions of our body.

There are over five hundred different types and one hundred trillion bacilli living inside our intestines. Among these, there exist beneficial bacteria such as bifidus and lactic acid bacillus, and also harmful bacteria such as clostridium perfringens, bacillus and staphylococcus, our level of immunity increases, while the increase of harmful bacteria leads to the decrease of immunity level.

"It is well known," Dr. Yoshimizu says, "that disease cells are heat-sensitive." again stating, "a one-degree increase in body temperature results in a 40% increase in immunity!" Proteins denature at 105-106 degrees. The key is to keep the head cool by application when raising body temperatures to destroy the diseased cells.
When you get sick with a cold or flu, your body's natural response is to raise your temperature to kill the cold or flu that has invaded it. That temperature raising of the body often makes you feel worse, because you have an overload of toxins that need to be dumped, and that is why you often times throw up or get diarrhea. The body is dispelling the toxins.
When body temperature is decreased by just one degree, the immune system declines by 36%, basic metabolism declines by 12%, and enzyme activity declines by 50%.

Western medicine uses the disease model a symptomatic response, but does not go to the root of the cause and function of the disease and why it exist. Dr. Yoshimizu reveals that as far back as the late 1960's "thermotherapy" was used for cancer patients, here in the United States. There was even a symposium on thermotherapy and radiation in the mid 1970's by the National Cancer Institute. During that symposium, it was revealed that "thermotherapy showed promising effects on cancer that did not respond to radiation!"

Quotes noted where from The book, The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees: Thermotherapy in the New Century, was written by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., previous director of Yokohama General Hospital.

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